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Prairie State Goldendoodle Puppies for Adoption


We have Goldendoodle puppies of all kinds ready for adoption!

We breed both regular Mini Goldendoodles, and Mini F1b Goldendoodles. We are committed to ensuring that no matter which type you choose, your puppy will go home healthy and happy; ready to become a vital part of your life.

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About Prairie State’s Different Goldendoodles

The Goldendoodle has accumulated a powerful reputation, and that for good reason. They are considered very intelligent, along with having gentle, loving personalities. Human companionship is very important to them, so they make outstanding family pets and are widely used as assistance dogs. There are several varieties of this beloved Doodle, which we’ll discuss in the next several paragraphs.


Mini Goldendoodles

The Mini Goldendoodle is by far the most popular size in the Goldendoodle world. They are a perfect “in-between” size puppy.  We are exited to tell you that we’ve dedicated all our breeding to Minis


Mini F1 Goldendoodles

The Mini F1 Goldendoodle is the most popular Goldendoodle. They are a beautiful combination of their Golden Retriever Mother and Miniature Poodle Father. They are known for the things we mentioned above, as well as minimal or no shedding. They also generally retain more of that “Retriever look.”


Mini F1b Goldendoodles

Next there’s the Mini F1b Goldendoodle. These are also very widely loved, and are known for their extra curly or wavy coat. They have a Goldendoodle mother and Miniature Poodle father. The fact that they have “more Poodle” means that they’ll have a curlier coat, and very rarely have any shedding.


Mini F1 English Teddybear Goldendoodles

Last, but far from least, are the Mini F1 English Goldendoodles, sometimes called Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. They’re rising in popularity, and for good reasons! Combining their English Cream Retriever mother and Miniature Poodle father makes for some of the most beautiful Goldendoodles ever. Also, their English Cream mothers are known for their outstanding health and balanced temperament. Like the other F1 Doodles, they are known to have minimal or no shedding.


Feel free to Contact Us if you’d like more information about our Goldendoodles before adopting.