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About Prairie State Puppies

Mr. & Mrs. Jeriah Raber

Hello, My name is Jeriah Raber. My wife Esther and I own Prairie State Puppies.

My passion for puppies began as a little boy. We lived in the country here in Southeast IL, and had a loyal family dog called Misty. She and I spent many hours running and playing in the front yard. She was a constant companion and we did lots of things together. It was through this that I learned the value of having a good family dog.

Skip forward 10-15 years and spring of 2017 was upon me- bringing with it 2 major changes. One was helping care for my brother’s puppies (Maple Valley Puppies), and the other was a special friendship I had started with Esther, a young lady from our community.

Esther’s family also lived in the country, and had a dog named Lassie. Like Misty and I, Esther and Lassie also did lots of things together – running through the woods and fields, tending the horses, and romping in the front yard. Esther greatly enjoyed the time she spent with her beloved dog, but the most exciting part for her was when Lassie’s cute little puppies arrived! As you might have guessed, she loves the puppies as much as I do!

Esther and I were married in September, and it was at that time that Prairie State Puppies was born. Our goal is to show others how much loyalty, affection, and fun our lovingly bred and raised companion dogs can provide to your family.



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